Inspired by the insight of Yogis from ancient India, visionary physicist, David Ash, has dedicated his life to developing a vortex physics that bridges the physical with the non physical. He has opened the frontiers of science to the supernatural and the paranormal in a way never before possible. David Ash shows through super-physics how there may be super-energy realities co-existing with our world in dimensions beyond the speed of light and our range of normal perception.

With this new super-physics David Ash illuminates the nature of spirit and soul, the mysteries of life after death, near death experiences, reincarnation, healings and miraculous manifestation. David Ash also predicts a process whereby the speed of energy in the whirlpools of light forming the subatomic particles of our bodies can be accelerated beyond the speed of light enabling us to ascend into super-physical realms.

It is here!

The revised edition of AWAKEN is here with new information on the forthcoming transition of humanity and the Earth.

The new information in AWAKEN links the Ascension to a Super Solar Storm that could bring an end to the materialistic civilisation and trigger mass ascension.

AWAKEN is a must read if you are interested in the long awaited merge of science and spirituality and concerned about the future of the Earth and the future of humanity. More information here!

Spread the LOVE!

Some will scorn and some will smile but some will be filled with gratitude. While we cannot be certain about truth we can spread hope. While we cannot be sure in our opinions we can spread love. Though we may never know how many people will benefit from reading this little book we can see it as an opportunity to give because in giving we receive and when we act out of unconditional love we become filled with love and love, more than anything else is the path and the purpose of ascension.


Working together we could initiate a paradigm shift on planet Earth and bring about such a change that nothing down here will ever be the same again.

Help spread some love by circulating THE DOOR OF LIGHT!







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This is the future!

The future is freedom through awakening to who we really are. The future is the realisation of our full potential. The future is here and the future is now. All we have to do is awaken to it.

The future is awakening to a world free of pain and disease, a world where we can live with our families close to nature, free of worry and stress. The future is healing and living in joy and abundance.

The future is awakening to health through nutrition rather than medicine. The future is science merged with spirituality to bring an end to materialism and the awakening of humanity the opportunity of ascension.

The future is our ascension by stepping through a Door of Light into our eternal birthright and the fulfilment of the plan of ages, which is for each and every one of us to attain freedom of the Universe.


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