Awaken to Ascension.

We live on an unstable planet. The Earth is subject to a cycle of massive changes. Less than ten thousand years ago rivers were flowing on the continent of Antarctica. Canada and the North Eastern States of America were covered by an ice sheet two miles deep and mammoths grazed peacefully on the sunny grasslands of Siberia. Then something suddenly happened. Siberia shot towards the North Pole as it shifted from Hudson Bay to the Arctic Ocean and America moved some two thousand miles towards the Equator. The planetary change was devastating. It was so sudden the mammoths were frozen with the grass still in their mouths.

For fifty years I have been involved in developing a new vortex physics which has helped me understand the origin of the Universe, the mystery of human existence and the destiny of planet Earth. My research has led me to conclude that the Earth is unstable. Albert Einstein knew this too. He endorsed the idea that every few thousand years the crust of our planet slides over the Poles. It appears to have happened before and we have no reason to believe it won’t happen again. The Earth’s shifting crust could be the cause of periodic pole shifts and past planetary convulsions. Geological evidence suggests these Earth changes happen like clockwork and the vortex physics provides, in a new theory for gravity, a straightforward account for why they occur.

Using the vortex theory I have identified a source of enormous energy at the core centre of the Earth. I call it the Gravity Geyser. Geological evidence reveals every few thousand years devastating earth changes occur that are linked to the reversal of the Poles. The understanding of why this might happen has until now been unclear. My work in the field of vortex physics provides a theoretical framework to support the notion that colossal amounts of heat are periodically released from a gravitation mechanism acting like a geyser at the core of the Earth. The rise of this heat inexorably towards the Earth’s surface is a likely cause of global warming. The fact we are in a period of global warming now is a clear indication to me that the next pole shift is imminent. The implication is that any day now we and 21st Century civilisation could be quite literally ‘wiped off the face of the Earth’.

The rising heat that causes global warming could change the consistency of the molten rock magma under the crust of the Earth from the equivalent of sticky honey to runny honey. The result of this is that instead of gluing the crust to the inner layers of the Earth – the magma could act as a lubricant allowing the crust to slip, thus altering irreversibly the course of any civilisation on the surface of the earth at the time of this event.

Since written records began accounts from different parts of the world have recorded reversals of the direction of the sun in the sky associated with cataclysmic events. If the crust reversed its position on the underlying body of the turning Earth, it would seem to witnessing survivors that the movement of the heavens reversed in the sky.
The tilt of the Earth’s axis means one Pole will always be closer to the sun than the other Pole at the time of solstice. My prediction is that at the time of a solstice the sun’s gravity will pull on the weight of one polar ice cap more than the other and cause a floating crust to literally roll over the Poles. Once this process begins it would accelerate and it could continue until the Poles reverse.

When Einstein first heard about the crust slip theory, in his own words, he was “electrified”. But he was also puzzled. He couldn’t explain the origin of heat in the Earth to enable the magma beneath the earth’s surface to liquefy. My contribution from the theory of vortex physics is to explain that due to an interaction between matter and anti-matter, I predict beyond the centre of the earth, a colossal amount of heat sufficient to liquefy magma could be released. With the vortex physics it is also possible to explain the periodicity of this release to cause recurrent dramatic Earth changes.
It is the gravity of humanity’s precarious situation that impelled me to write AWAKEN and warn society against an over-reliance on materialistic beliefs and values. Materialism is a myth. This is proven by quantum physics and substantiated by the vortex theory. According to quantum theory everything is made of energy, but energy has no mass or material substance. Therefore energy is ‘no-thing’.

How can energy that is ‘no-thing’ form solid things like mountains and houses? When I was a teenager I realised something truly amazing while reading Yogic philosophy. The Yogis in ancient India had probed the atom with extraordinary powers of mind over matter. They saw that subatomic particles are not material things but are minute vortices of spinning light. Thousands of years before Einstein the Yogis cracked the greatest enigma in modern physics, how energy forms mass. They realised that materialism is a delusion set up by subatomic spin. Yogis called this Maya: the illusion of forms.

The quantum world seems to be more like a dream than a material reality. Particles of energy appear to be more like thoughts than things. Many quantum physicists believe the Universe is a mind and consider consciousness to be the bedrock of reality. This allows for amazing possibilities.
Einstein established that the world we live in is based on energy which is fundamentally movement at the speed of light. In the vortex theory I have predicted there may be worlds of super-energy existing beyond the speed of light, worlds beyond our current range of perception.

If we can accept that our bodies are fundamentally composed of light, in the form of vortices of energy, then the new vortex physics points to the promise of immortality. If we can let go of the illusion of materialism then death may not be the end for us.

If the energy in all the whirlpools of light in every atom of our body were to be accelerated to speeds beyond that of light then our bodies would disappear out of this world and appear alive, intact and somewhat surprised in a world of super energy. This is what I predict to be the beginning of an Ascension process when we can be lifted out of space-time into super-physical dimensions. The technology underlying this super-energy resonance process has been alluded to in Star Trek as: “Beam me up Scotty.” Sci-fi often precedes Sci-fact.

The worlds of super-energy could be populated by sentient beings. This would explain reports throughout history of super-physical lifeforms such as angels. Some humans may have already gone through the Ascension process. There are numerous reports of enlightened masters disappearing and re-appearing throughout human history such as Jesus, Saint Germaine, Babaji and the Virgin Mary. These immortals have become known as the Ascended Masters. It would make sense that those who have ascended before us would return to our dimension and encourage us to let go of our attachment to materialism so that we can join the ‘party in the sky!’

If you find what I am saying unbelievable then I invite you to be a sceptic like me. Question everything you believe and review with an open mind the physics and the super-physics I present herein. Find out for yourself. Our time here is brief. Not all who wander are lost.

AWAKEN heralds the arrival of a seminal moment in human history when we can replace religion with super-physics and through this step forward  superstition will give way to science. This is the dawning of a new day when men and women will understand the multidimensional Universe and appreciate their place as multidimensional beings within it. Through knowledge and wisdom we can dispense with fear and the worship of gods and fulfil our destiny to become fearless gods.

AWAKEN is an offering of love and hope for the awakening of humanity into higher worlds of extraordinary possibility.
We are stepping into new times. AWAKEN is the guidebook.

AWAKEN is a journey of discovery in seven parts:

  • Part I reviews the predictions of ascension and details how, in the not far distant future, we may complete our evolution on Earth through the process of ascension and graduate as angels or as angels of a higher rank.
  • Part II reveals the scientific possibility we may have another body existing simultaneously on a higher dimension, which could account for the soul. Spirits and angels are explained from the standpoint of energy beyond light called super-energy. The science of super-energy can account for life-after-death, reincarnation and near-death-experiences.
  • Part III explains miracles and magic in terms of a revolutionary super-energy resonance technology, which could account for miracles and manifestations as well as the physical process underlying bodily ascension.
  • Part IV sheds new light on consciousness, healing & alternative medicine and also brings intelligence to the theory of evolution showing how super-energy worlds existing beyond the speed of light could account for higher dimensions which may have decisively influenced the origin of life on earth.
  • Part V reveals the myths in modern theoretical physics.
  • Part VI overthrows materialism and rewrites physics in a new easy-read vortex theory arising from ancient Yogic insights into the atom.
  • Part VII gives a revolutionary vortex account for space-time and gravity.

AWAKEN is for you if you are interested in new directions in physics that open the frontiers of discovery, which could lead to our reaching the stars through hitherto unimaginable technologies and attain an eternity of joy, freedom and purpose, forever liberated from anxiety and suffering, ageing, disease and death.

In AWAKEN the predicted time of great change that is coming is presented as good news and not bad because it signals not only the restoration and regeneration of the planet but completion of a 26,000 year programme in which the Earth has been acting as a womb and an academy for angels. A thesis is presented in AWAKEN that for many millennia some human beings have been evolving into angels while others who are incarnations of angels have been progressing, through the human experience from lower to higher angelic ranks. Ascension is the joyful event when humans complete the process of angelic evolution and graduate as angels. At a university graduation most students receive Bachelor Degrees whilst less graduate with Master Degrees and a few attain Doctorates. So it is in the process of ascension most humans become Angels, a lesser number become Archangels whilst a few graduate as mighty Seraphim.

AWAKEN is a clarion call for us to awaken to our destiny and ascend to our glory as divine beings. AWAKEN presents a new vortex physics that supports the idea that we are multi-dimensional beings in a multi-dimensional Universe. All we have to do is wake up to that reality; the reality of who we truly are.  AWAKEN is there to help us do just that.