If you have a group and want to organise an event based on AWAKEN with David Ash get in touch.

If you are organising an event and want to include an AWAKEN presentation by David Ash get in touch.

If you want to attend an AWAKEN event, hosted by David Ash get in touch.

David Ash is planning one day and weekend events in Sussex and Devon – both in areas of outstanding natural beauty – to provide opportunities for you to go deeper into the mystery, ask questions and share. These events will include ceremony, meditation and music as well as Sacred Sabai Blessings that David brought back from Thailand.

An AWAKEN Day is a one day event from 10 – 6 in Forest Row, Sussex (Max 33 people) which will provide an opportunity for you to meet David Ash and Matthew Newsome and ask questions that arise from reading AWAKEN. The day will include a delicious vegan lunch.

AWAKEN Focus Weekends to be held at the Mamhead Village Hall in its gorgeous nature setting in Devon (max 33 people). These weekends will provide an opportunity for you to spend more time with David Ash and meet Susan Thompson. The weekends will include yoga, meals and free ashram-style dormitory accommodation –with hot showers – for those who are willing to bring their own bedroll. If you want to join the yoga bring your own yoga mat. Camping is available for up to 6 tents and there is parking for campervans. There is B&B commodious accommodation near Mamhead but if you can manage the free Spartan option it is more beneficial as the group needs to stay in the unified field that builds up over the weekend.

AWAKEN Events days or weekends can be arranged for groups. Don’t hesitate to ask if you want to arrange and host an AWAKEN Event for your group.