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If you become an Ascension Ambassador and pass on copies of THE DOOR OF LIGHT others who receive the copies you give may do the same. Then you can delight in the realisation that you have helped a pebble start an avalanche. Working together we could initiate a shift the paradigm on planet Earth and bring about such a change that nothing down here will ever be the same again. I just love the thought that together we could bring about change. I am a revolutionary and a game changer. I get so excited at the thought of how much we could all do with so little simply by working together. It all depends on how many of us turn the one copy of THE DOOR OF LIGHT that we receive into three copies we give away.

If you pass on copies you will give others a chance to choose. Some will scorn and some will smile but some will be filled with gratitude. While we cannot be certain about truth we can spread hope. While we cannot be sure in our opinions we can spread love. Though we may never know how many people will benefit from reading this little book we can see it as an opportunity to give because in giving we receive and when we act out of unconditional love we become filled with love and love, more than anything else is the path and the purpose of ascension.

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