I was born on October 20th 1948 was third of the eight children of Michael and Joy Ash. My father was a medical doctor and a physicist who did original research alongside his medical practice. He was the first doctor to link cigarette smoking to lung cancer and identify the cancer risk of living above Uranium. From my childhood I recall expeditions in Cornwall prospecting for Uranium and a scintillation counter in my father’s consulting rooms in Harley Street blinking away as it measured the radioactivity in rocks and cigarettes. With my brothers and sisters I left England as my parents exchanged the fashionable West End of London for Huron and Six Nation reservations in Canada. The culture shock of swapping life in the English public school system for living amongst Native Americans had a lasting impact on all of us. There was no let up in our unusual education when we returned to England two and a half years later. I worked with my father, alongside my siblings at the time of the Cuban Crisis to develop Iodine enriched sweets for the protection of children from radioactive fallout. We were the first children on a transatlantic television broadcast via the first TV satellite Telstar. Research into natural family planning, with my father, led a decade later to my receiving a papal gold medal in Rome from Pope Paul VI.  Attending 19 schools before University I was forced to rely on my father for my education which launched me into the free thinking, theory invention, philosophy, metaphysics, physics and nutrition.

I read physics at Queens University of Belfast and Nutrition in the faculty of John Yudkin at London University. I then completed my post grad studies in physics education at the College of St Mark and St John in Plymouth. I was encouraged to develop my vortex theory by Professor Gareth Owen, Dean of the faculty of Science at Queens University. Whereas I discovered the idea of the subatomic vortex from ancient Yogic philosophy while I was  at school, I was reintroduced to the idea of an atomic vortex from the work of Lord Kelvin who came from Belfast.

I launched my Vortex theory for subatomic matter on January 15th 1975 at the Royal Institution of Great Britain from the same rostrum as Lord Kelvin presented his Vortex theory for the atom a century earlier. I was then mentored by Sir George Trevelyan who encouraged me to give talks on the way I could bridge the gap between science and spirituality through my paradigm busting vortex physics.

Sir George introduced me to the journalist, Peter Hewitt, at a Mind Body expo and together we wrote my first book Science of the Gods, which was later republished by Gateway Books (1990) as The Vortex: Key to Future Science. I had been working on the book for years before meeting Peter. I will never forget a day when a psychic lady came rushing into the house in Worthing where I was living with my first wife Anna and our 6 children in 1986. She left five minutes later as fast as she arrived, without stopping for a cup of tea or a chat. All she said was “I am not stopping; I just wanted to visit the house where the new Bible is being written.”

I took the manuscript of the work I had developed by then – which was to grow eventually into AWAKEN – to Medjugorje in 1989. I was hoping for a blessing, some sign of approval from the Divine Mother who was appearing there. When I went into in the church, shortly after arriving at Medjugorje my immediate reaction was negativity toward Catholicism. I was a lapsed Catholic, Anna and I had divorced and I was living with my new fiancé at the time. But then, as a Franciscan priest conducting the meditation on the passion of Christ spoke of the scourging, I felt a wave of compassion for that innocent young man undergoing torture. As I did so it was as though a hand went through my head. It swept away all the negative thoughts. They went scurrying away. I actually experienced them as little black imp like things that scuttled off as cockroaches to a broom. The negativity was replaced with a feeling of such immense peace that I burst into tears of relief. Then she appeared to my right.

The figure wasn’t clear. It was tall and swirling. It was definitely a woman but indistinct, something like the drawings my children did at their Rudolf Steiner School. I knew immediately it was Mary. I recognised her personality. I knew that I knew her. Then the words “Please introduce me to your son” popped into my head.

A young man appeared in front of me. He was very clear. In fact he looked remarkably like my brother Stephen! He was dressed in a white robe that billowed in the wind. It was a hot wind. I felt particles of dust sting my face. Nothing was said. He just looked at me. Then a light came from his heart which filled my whole being with light and love and joy. It was incredible. I can only describe it as liquid light that was also indescribable bliss. It is hard to explain but it was a living light that filled me up. The liquid then moved up from my feet and down from my head toward my chest. It was a strange sensation, normal forehead but blissed out nose then normal nose but my chin still in bliss. As the liquid moved through me it took the ecstasy with it. The liquid light and love was as real as water or oil in our world but it was not, it was pure energy. It moved down my arms and ended up in my hands.

I came out of ecstasy with tears streaming down my face. I was back in the church but my hands were frozen and vibrating with the power still in them. I knew what I had to do. I asked my fiancé to lead me back to the house where we were staying and open all the doors for me. I walked through the village holding out my frozen, vibrating hands in front of me. When we arrived in our room I asked her to take the manuscript out of my case and place it in my hands. As soon as she did so, woomph, the power went into it.

I commenced an international lecture tour in 1991, starting in Malaysia as a guest of the University of Malaya where I talked on God and the Quantum and delivered my challenge to quantum mechanics at a faculty lecture. Two years later I presented the same challenge at an annual Mensa Society gathering in Cambridge which led to a review of my vortex physics by a professor of nuclear physics. She found one fault in it which I was able to correct.

In 1991/92 I took my scientific approach to spirituality from town to town and city to city in Australia. Early in the tour I had been introduced to the Eric Klein channellings on Ascension. Having predicted the ascension process in my vortex physics I brought the focus of my tour to the way physics could support the message of ascension and physical immortality. After Australia I went on to New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, the United States of America and then toured through Europe. I spoke on radio and television and had a number of books published including The Science of Ascension (Cloverleaf Connections, Canada, 1994), The New Science of the Spirit, (College of Psychic Studies, London, 1995), Activation for Ascension(Kima Global Publishing, Cape Town, 1995) and The New Physics of Consciousness (Kima Books 2007) and The Role of Evil in Human Evolution (Kima Books 2007) and The Vortex Theory (Kima Books 2015) and Continuous Living in a Living Universe (Kima Books 2015)

In 2012 I met Susan Saillard Thompson and four years later I met Matthew Newsome. With Susan’s support I began work on AWAKEN in June 2017. I started with the book The Origin of Life. Matthew came on board as editor in January 2018 and made many contributions, and his recommendations doubled the size of the book. It included so much apart from the origin of life he recommended I split it into a number of books under the same cover. The title AWAKEN came much later in a meeting with Argonaut Design (brand guardians of Apple) when Matthew and I were viewing designs for labels on a number of products we have been planning. When I remarked on one of these slides as being an ideal design for my book cover, on of the partners of Argonaut said he had just what I wanted. The following day he emailed me the cover sample, with the title AWAKEN and the lotus already designed. It had been created for us weeks before we even broached the idea of a cover design with them. I never cease to be amazed at how the title and book cover design were already there waiting for me.

Matthew had incorporated me in a team, including Argonaut Ltd to develop a new range of super-foods based on my nutritional research into vitamin and mineral super-foods to prepare people for Ascension. Rudolf Steiner emphasised the importance of full spectrum mineral nutrition to enable the spirit to anchor in the physical body and from eight years of involvement with the leading supplement company, USANA Health Sciences, I was aware of the vital importance of mineral and antioxidant nutrition in cellular health. As physical ascension is something that happens to the living cells in our body I decided to formulate, with Matthew’s support, a Vital Cell Food to go with AWAKEN to empower people for ascension. As well as three potent natural activated antioxidants and a range of vitamins I have included 72 natural ionic mineral elements – including monatomic gold – sourced from the Salt Lakes of Utah, to help people optimise their health and prepare their cells for physical ascension.